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Image Necessities, LLC
Your image is our business.

Mission Statement

The management and staff of Image Necessities, LLC is dedicated to helping women improve quality of life by providing products and services that restore personal image and confidence.


Image Necessities, LLC was founded in 2013. The goal of the company was to develop a resource for busy women to shop for high quality products any time of day that is convenient for them. This company is unique from other on-line stores in that it employs board certified fitters who have hands on experience in fitting such products. Our knowledge can be call upon and using today’s technology to assist with selection of products.

Organizational Values

We are committed to these organizational values in the course of our work.

* We have a commitment to quality in every product and service we provide.

* We are committed to maintaining the rights, dignity and well-being of all clients.

* We are committed to educating the client on proper care of products.

* We are committed to treating people in a caring and compassionate manner.

* We will provide services in an efficient, systematic and fiscally responsible manner.

* We recognize the importance of quality training and education for all.

* We encourage and support individual excellence because we know that when individuals are successful the system as a whole succeeds.

* We value scientific research, evaluative studies, and data analysis and we actively participate in this process to improve our performance and plan for our future.

To this extent, we shall make every effort to provide

* Prompt and efficient processing of all client documentation

* Prompt response to any questions or problems brought to our attention

* Professional and consistent review of client documentation

* Clear and concise documentation of all discrepancies discovered

* An atmosphere which fosters mutual trust and respect

* Access to an easy and free exchange of ideas among all personnel

* A compassionate, positive atmosphere

* A work environment conductive to quality goals